Other Treatments

Skin Rejuvination/ Wrinkles & Lines


IPL treatment improves blood circulation. Oxygenation during treatment revives the collagen and elastic tissue in the skin, giving a tighter younger appearance. Laser e-Lipo is suitable for all skin types.


IPL destroys bacteria (P.acnes) living in the skin that cause Acne and directly targets the over active sebaceous gland.

Rosacea/Thread Veins

IPL treatments are very effective at closing down the enlarged blood vessels that cause the red face appearance seen in patients with these conditions.

Stretch marks: (Striae distensae)

Laser therapy for stretch marks works by stimulating the production of collagen in the skin. This promotes elasticity and makes the skin under
the stretch marks thicker. Laser therapy also causes the fibroblasts or connective tissues cells in the skin to divide. This in turn reduces the appearance of stretch marks but despite improving the visual look of the marks does not remove them altogether.

Multiple laser applicators are used to achieve the best results.

Before & After

Eye bags: (Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty)

The treatment of eye bags involves the use of two different laser heads. The first laser acts in a similar way as Laser e-Lipo and inch-loss. It
reduces the levels of fat in the area and tightens the skin. The fat cells are not damaged but simply emptied of the water, glycerol and fatty

The second laser is used to penetrate deeper into the skin and is used to address the hypopigmentations (Melasmas, Cholasmas and dark
circles). The laser stimulates the bodyís natural defence system, which in turn triggers mast cells to visit the area. These will also induce
collagen remodelling and some elastin fiber remodelling, which can help the skin look more normal.


Cravings, lack of willpower and irritability are the three major obstacles to overcome when stopping smoking and are quite often the main
reasons for starting again.

As well as stimulating the acupuncture points relevant to addressing addiction, laser therapy has been proved to independently elevate
endorphin levels (as nicotine does).

Together these effects reduce or eliminate the physical cravings usually experienced, presenting a reduced challenge for the smokerís
willpower, better mood, and a fighting chance of quitting for good.

You must however want to be a non-smoker prior to under taking the laser treatment for it to succeed.

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest cosmetic procedures if done right. Doing it right means using a proper whitening agent and an
appropriate whitening accelerator. The most practical accelerator is an LED lamp emitting cold blue light with a wavelength of around 465 nanometres. This wavelength of light is ideal for activating the whitening process.

The procedure is very simple, Gel is applied to the teeth. A cold blue light is placed directly in front of your exposed teeth and run for 15-20
minutes per treatment. Typically, we perform 2-3 treatments, with 3 giving the best results in one session.

A cosmetic teeth whitening treatment will NOT make your teeth pearly white. It will make them whiter. How much whiter? It really depends
on a multitude of factors, including how stained your teeth were before the whitening, what kind of staining agent caused most of the
coloration, how well your enamel reacts to the whitening gel and the number of treatments performed. It also depends on the kind of gel,
the concentration of the teeth whitening gel and the kind of application system that is used.

Most people will get impressive results while a few will get less dramatic results, but 99% of people are very satisfied with the results they
obtain with our system. Some peopleís teeth cannot really be whitened at all, such as those that were stained by antibiotic tetracycline
or fluorosis.

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